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Bars with


designed to specific needs

EffectivEat™ has the skills and capabilities to formulate and produce snack bars (crunchy, chewy and savory), breakfast cereals, snack mixes and more, under customers' brands, at competitive price, while ensuring the best quality and high nutritional values. The company has lately developed a full range of functional bars for

the purpose of providing tasty, healthy and convenient solutions to health-conscious people.​

magnesium bar
seals bar
cardio cranberry


Our bars , based on dates and nuts, delivers highly effective blends of CoQ10,Lcarnitinemagnesium & Caffiene for delivering right energy during periods of high activity as needed.

multivitamin chocolatate
multivitamin coconut

FOOD supplements

Our delicious Crunchy Snack Bar enriched with multivitamin.

it can be an excellent solution for lack of vitamins in children or adults.

טוסו חטיף חלווה ללא סוכר
טוסו חטיף קוקוס ללא סוכר

NO added Sugar !

Delicious crunchy snack bar with high

fiber content and NO ADDED SUGAR

(naturally sweetened with dates syrup

and honey) – SUITABLE FOR


New !!!

savory bar
savory bar
savory bar salty
Rosemary Savory Bar


Meal Replacement

Legumes, grains, seeds & vegetabels

A rich natural slightly salted savory snack bar providingenergy and satiety.

A 36g. bar contains 7 g. protein and 7 g.

dietary fiber. Among the ingredients:

chickpea, sesame, sunflower seeds, soy

etc… perfect substitute to a meal.

it can be packed as a mini meal with a dip & a Sweet Bar as a dessert !! 

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