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Some of our TAILOR MADE granola

with EffectivEat

granola party
granola with out extentios
picaso granola
stelma granola
Granola with papaya pineapple and raisins
Granola with dark chocolate and cranberries
Granola reduces calories
tusso granola
red granola - with out suger
orange granola - Nuts and fruits and seeds
blue granola - Cereals and chocolate
purple granola
transparnt green granola
pnina rozenblom granola
pnina rozenblom granola
pnina rozenblom granola
granola Super Food
granola - Protien enriched

Super Food

Protien enriched

Guggi Berry, Chia seeds, FlaxSeeds & Quinoa

25% Protien


NO added SUGAR

White & Dark chocolate

White & Dark chocolate

granola Chocolate chips

Chocolate chips

salted granola

salted granola

granola - Dried Fruits & nuts

Dried Fruits & nuts

granola nuts


granola raisins & nuts

raisins & nuts

& many other tailor made granola....

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